HALLOWEEN 2020 Easter Eggs


If you're on this page, you've probably seen the big Halloween 2020 image that I posted. An image full of characters from the LECTRO World, and references from beyond. This page is a dissection of the scene, a rundown of every costume and the background elements from the image. Let's start with the background:

Matt's Comics and Collectibles is a reference to Matt Comics, the creator of The Redac and Huckleberry. In the storefront are pumpkins based on Huckleberry, Spanky from Randomly Assembled, and Unko Soundsketch from Breadfinder. In the next shop (The Little Pop-Up That Wasn't There Yesterday), are costumes of Sir Power from The Adventures of Sir Power, and Raylin from Hope, as well as the hair and goggles of Dr. Pain, from Weird in a Can, Charlotte Pendleton, from POW! Right in the Nostalgia, and a mask of the Timmy's ToyCo mascot from Cryptida and Playground.

As for characters and their costumes:

Venus is dressed as Fionna, the gender-swapped Finn, from Adventure time!
Toby is dressed as Steve?, from Minecraft.


Would you believe that Max Mercury is dressed as Max Mercury? Apparently he shares his name with a speedster in the DC Universe. I did not know this when I named him. I just know about DC's Max because TV Tropes said he handed out popcorn balls on Halloween.


Jessie Eldar is dressed as notorious theif, Carmen Sandiego! ...About the most Carmen Sandiego-esque thing I've watched was either Rhett and Link's International food taste tests, or that one Homestar Runner Halloween short.


The Wizard's costume is Jordy Verrill, from the movie Creepshow. In the segment The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verrill, Stephen King plays the titular hick, who finds a meteor that releases a fast-growing parasitic crab grass upon his estate. It does not end well for Mr. Verrill, sadly.


Befitting her mutant appearance, Audrey takes the guise of a Glowing One from Fallout! It may not be the most accurate costume - ghouls tend to go bald, after all - but accuracy isn't the important thing on Halloween.


Rodman isn't any clown this Halloween - he's Spirit Halloween's Uncle Charlie! The Uncle Charlie animatronic celebrates 10 years in 2020, and Spirit celebrated by releasing an updated version.


Chris is so drunk she's stealing from other comics! Chris's alcoholic nature pairs well with her costume, IPA mascot Voodoo Ranger. I... I don't expect anyone to know what the Voodoo Ranger is. I just like the cool skeleton guy.


Also crossing over, is Chris' best friend Alexi! While maybe not the best costume to roll out in the year 2020, Alexi is wearing a costume based off of Edgar Allen Poe's The Masque of the Red Death. The plague doctor beak is her own touch.


Hiding behind a professional quality mask, Jack is taking to the streets as Cardina Copia, from the band Ghost. This look is specifically based off of Tobias Forge's costume as he danced around the deserted streets in the Rats music video.


Ned may be hanging out with his brother, but he's still gonna scare some kids this Halloween! Wearing a costume inspired by Hannibal Lecter, he pretends to be bound by his restraints, only to "break free" and give chase! (Also, there's purple from where I drew the skeleton for the character, ignore that.)


Kelly Walters may be a villain, but that's not gonna stop him from looking Incredible. Well, he doesn't look incredible, but being green really does help with his Hulk costume. And he has to be pretty strong to move a pumpkin that big.


Ending our list is Krell Turkins, crossing over to... judge gummie bears? Krell is dressed as internet personality Andrew Rhea, host of Binging with Babish. He's also found Neypalm's Candy Bucket - how you lose such I thing, I don't know.

Happy Halloween!