Comic 87 - I Shadowed him this time!

17th Jun 2019, 10:16 AM in Battle For The Box
I Shadowed him this time!
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Author Notes:

Jeremy7 17th Jun 2019, 10:16 AM edit delete
Oh, Jack. My favorite OC and a foreshadowed and long-awaited member of the Outer City Warriors - until I restructured the cast. This comic would've introduced the two non-kid heroes in Outer - Jack and the Wizard - but Jack was cut back due to violence, the Wizard's just kinda in limbo though he may fight crime later. But they've mainly been replaced by younger, differently-powered characters.

All's not lost for Jack, though, he's planned to play a role in my other comic plan, Pine Hill Creature Feature. It'd be an R-Rated, violent, foul-mouthed story about fighting monsters! Sadly, I'm still waiting for input on my first draft. If I do ever get around to it, however, just be warned that LECTRO and Pine Hill are going to cycle its chapter updates - so you'd have to wait for a Pine Hill Story to finish for a LECTRO Chapter, unless I just have a lot of LECTRO Chapters done.

Also you'll notice that Jack's collar is now flipped, that was a design change that occurred during my funk, as I grew more confident in my drawing abilities.