Comic 58 - Great Costumes, All of You

22nd Oct 2018, 10:00 AM
Great Costumes, All of You
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Author Notes:

Jeremy7 22nd Oct 2018, 10:00 AM edit delete
Let's go over the costumes here, shall we?
-Toby's just a generic sackhead slasher.
-Venus is Charlotte Pendleton from POW! Right in the Nostalgia. (Max has a few ComicFury comics saved onto his cloud account, and he lets Venus read them like you would Calvin and Hobbes or Superman comics.) And it may be a bit hard to tell without color, but her treat bag is also a PRitN reference... (Thanks to MS3TKFAN for letting me use his character as a Halloween costume!)
-Yoko is Raven (Teen Titans), with a few touches (like covered legs. It gets cold late October) that are unique to this iteration. And she modified it to include a motorized hood and some lighting effects, including whiting out the eyes and that black magic aura.
-Molly is the Cowardly Lion, and her niece Kitty is the Tin Man.