Comic 159 - And You Thought Your Morning Commute Was Bad

29th Jun 2020, 4:32 PM in The Outer City Limits
And You Thought Your Morning Commute Was Bad
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Jeremy7 29th Jun 2020, 4:32 PM edit delete
Introducing Nedshot and Cactus Kelly. Though only Ned is in good detail here, the two Australian-American Outlaws are amongst Outer's more annoying threats.
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Matt Comics 30th Jun 2020, 1:26 PM edit delete reply
Matt Comics
oh come on, this can't be the only road in Outer. also is that a prosthetic gun hand? interesting...
Jeremy7 30th Jun 2020, 1:31 PM edit delete reply
1. It's not the only road, but you know how annoying road blocks are.
2. It's not a prosthetic gun hand, but rather a gauntlet.
Kevin_Redcrow 30th Jun 2020, 11:49 PM edit delete reply
"Late for work?"

You fiend! How dare you send a ripple effect through the economy!
Jeremy7 1st Jul 2020, 12:04 AM edit delete reply
Ripple effects today, tidal waves tomorrow!