Comic 136 - Slow News Day

8th Jan 2020, 10:00 AM
Slow News Day
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Jeremy7 8th Jan 2020, 10:00 AM edit delete
And here we have Max Mercury interviewing neighboring Pine Hill's Village Idiot, Christopher Annabel "Stetson" Hatchkins, who, as typical of herself, did something stupid.

He tried to help her with the trap, but she's stubborn about that kind of thing.

Anyways, last night I had an awesome idea that, while it can never be LECTROverse canon, I want to do something with:

A mild-mannered reporter by day, Max Mercury will do anything to get a good scoop. As it turns out, "Anything" in this case includes personally tracking down criminals and bringing them to justice, as the shadowy vigilante and anonymous journalist THE REPORTER! Using his wits, fists, and some fancy gadgetry, no evil shall be unreported.

I might make a chapter that's just Max showing off a Reporter comic he made. He's a responsible dad, so that's about as close as he can get to actually being a vigilante. Besides dressing up for cons and such.