Comic 128 - Santa Isn't Coming This Year

16th Dec 2019, 10:54 AM in Scary Monsters and Christmas Creeps!
Santa Isn't Coming This Year
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Author Notes:

Jeremy7 16th Dec 2019, 10:54 AM edit delete
Sorry for the late update! SOMEONE had to put up the Christmas Tree.

...I have a fascination with the darker lore of European Christmases. Started a few years ago. Like... 2013? I don't know how but I found out about the Krampus, and it kinda went downhill from there. Krampus, Belsnickle, Knecht Ruprecht, Pere Fouettard, Yule Cat, Tomte, Frau Perchta. Anything remotely scary. Except that blackface-clad Pete guy.

My dad HATES it. He doesn't want Halloween (The last non-government non-religious (as far as Christianity goes) to not be touched by other holidays. He wants to keep the scary out of Christmas. He wants to kick Tim Burton in the balls, even though I pointed out that Nightmare Before Christmas was inspired by the very real and very annoying phenomenon of Christmas Creep. I want to be a Krampus, or Pelsnickle, or the like for Halloween, because who has time to scare people on Christmas, but he won't allow it. I buy Nightmare Before Christmas giftwrap, because it's pretty on-brand for me, and he judges me for mixing skulls and Christmas. (Boy, he's gonna flip when he finds out about Sans' home.) The point is, ACCEPT MY HOBBIES DAD. This is nothing new! Christmas horror films have been around since for-frickin'-ever. These odd traditions are probably older than the American Civil War. AND IF SOME STORES COULD KEEP THE CHRISTMAS IN THEIR PANTS BEFORE NOVEMBER, I PROBABLY WOULDN'T CARE THAT MUCH ABOUT THIS CRAP! ...I'm sorry, I need to vent.

Anyways, this take on the Krampus is a little bit of Hellboy, little bit of Lobo. Turns out, St. Nicholas could reform demons. Who knew.

In lighter news tomorrow I show a bunch of my drawings off to an animator and I also found this old LEGO Fanfiction I worked on a bit in high school. So that's something going for me.