Originally LECTRO Unit #7084, Toby Lectro is Outer City's latest superpowered crime fighter. Near-clueless when it comes to social interactions, he excels in combat and using his electric powers.

POWERS: Creation, channeling, and immunity to electricity


T. Venus Mercury is one of Outer's long-term protectors. Maintaining a balance between school, crimefighting, and slightly-above-bare-minimum social interactions, Venus (AKA The Outer City Vigilante) takes Toby under her wing to give him experience in justice and life.

POWERS: Heightened Senses, Regeneration, Concussive Beam


The daughter of Max Mercury's editor and boss, Jessie Eldar is a young punk with a love of chaos. She does whatever she wants - depending on how she feels, she can be a near-competent crook, a load on fellow cretins, or even an ally to the heroes of Outer City. She sees the Outer City Vigilante as her friend, a feeling that is somewhat mutual.

POWERS: A frog-like tongue, incredible jumping abilities, can crawl on walls with a homemade adhesive


Nikola Edison was in kindergarten when he lost his hand to a freak superpower accident. Fortunately for him, his mom designs prosthetic limbs. Unfortunately for Outer, Nik has a habit of turning his old prosthetics into Tesla coil-based weaponry, which he uses to terrorize the city. He doesn't even have a good excuse - he's just bored.

POWERS: The Tesla Cannon prosthetic, which is basically a long-range taser weapon


Venus' single father, and reporter for the Outer City Herald. When it comes to the job, he's going to get the scoop, the entire truth, and by God you better be innocent. He also supports his daughter's crimefighting hobby, because it's easier to allow it and know about her going-ons than it is to restrict her and have her rebel and get herself into even more danger. Besides, telling her not to help people isn't the message he wants to convey.


Rodman Rodriguez might be a hotheaded kid, but as the leader of Outer City's superheroes he's pretty competent! He doesn't even try to justify his crimefighting with a sad backstory or anything, he fights crime because he thinks it's the right thing to do. Among other things, he's fond of animals, and considers himself a gamer, both video and tabletop. Oddly enough, his Level 7 Sorceror is mainly a Cryomancer...

POWERS: Burning blood, Napalm Gel creation, and immunity to intense heat.


Dr. Audrey Nestor was originally just a scientist, until she was caught by a meteorite's blast. Critically wounded, she was saved by some kind of symbiotic glowing green sludge. While the mutations ruined her face, they also made her a near-indestructible construct of sludge, so... overall win. Continuing her studies (and testing herself to understand her new body better), Dr. Nestor also moonlights as Glo-Stick, the Toxic Titan of Outer City! That said, she's not really toxic, she's just glowy.

POWERS: Ability to ignore physical blows, collapse into a goop puddle, create gunk, immunity to toxins, AND a constant source of light.

Ernest Greymourn was a high-ranking member of an interdimensional council of wizards. However, he found council life dull and boring, and retired to his home realm to open a pawn and antique shop. While generally polite, if a bit crabby (And if you were as old as he was, you'd be, too!), he's not a force to be reckoned with - he still has a great grasp on magic, AND a shotgun in the back of the store.


Two weird sisters from the outskirts of Outer City. Raised by a single mother (because the father isn't a nurturer), Iris (the one with the eyes) and Lola (the one with the fangs) are less human, and more... compressed darkness. While the two twins may both be villains, their personalities differ: Iris is shy and nonconfrontational, while Lola (or, as she demands to be called, Montez) is brash, loud, and aggressive.

POWERS: Command of the darkness that composes them (both), Telepathic abilities (Iris), Very Intimidating (Lola)

...more to come.