3 Years of LECTRO - Here's some trivia
by Jeremy7 11th Jun 2021, 10:14 AM


  1. In the dream that originated the character of Toby LECTRO, the proto-Toby was a PowerPuff Girls Villain with the ability to control machines with his electric powers.
  2. Originally, the character that would become Venus didn't have powers.
  3. The original lineup for the Outer City Warriors included Toby, Venus, JackOLantern, and Wizard. Jack was replaced with Neypalm Veyper, and Wizard was supposed to be replaced with a Demigoddess with a sword before I created Glo-Stick.
  4. Venus' full name is Terra Venus Mercury. Max's full name is Maximus Eddward Mercury.
  5. Max Mercury sharing his name with a DC Comics speedster is a coincidence. It's possible that I might start referring to him as Edd Mercury if problems arise.
  6. Toby's jacket was inspired by a green Old Navy army jacket.
  7. If Venus smokes, she will literally cough up a lung. I will not provide an image for this.
  8. The Wizard was originally a doodle in a Spanish class notebook. He later appeared in a sardonic math class project book about shapes.
  9. Toby and Max are both autistic.
  10. Venus suffers from Coulrophobia.
  11. Toby shares his supposed birthday with the author. Venus was born on Earth Day.
  12. Treefrog may seem like a Froppy knockoff, but she was actually inspired by Toad, specifically his appearance in LEGO MARVEL Superheroes.
  13. Jessie's hair is naturally green, as part of the genes that give her her powers.
  14. LECTRO and Pine Hill Creature Feature are set in the same universe. The original title for Pine Hill Creature Feature was Pine Hill, North of Outer.
  15. Outer City is named that way partly because it's cool, partly because I wanted to name a chapter "The Outer City Limits".
  16. LECTRO Characters have appeared in Tangentville, HOPE, Cafe on Crepe Island, Bananas, Breadfinder, Zorgnox's Depository of Earth Sundries, Almighty Protectors, and Blacktail and Marz.
  17. Sir Power owns a Tee Shirt with the LECTRO Logo.
  18. Jeremy7 owns a front license plate with the LECTRO Logo... it was a gift.
  19. Max knows he's fictional, but since it's real to him, he doesn't care.
  20. Toby's hair has five spikes. Two on either side, and one up front. Depending on the angle, two spikes are hidden, though they tend to all be visible from the back. It's anime hair. He doesn't use hair gel.
  21. Most of these facts are stream-of-consciousness because I'm literally typing this the day before the anniversary and have nothing to show for it, but only a select few of these are made up on the spot. Also, the next chapter will involve a ghost cowboy.
  22. Toby's favorite animal is the turtle.
  23. Venus likes fighting games, like Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter. Toby prefers games like Minecraft and Animal Crossing. They both love Pokemon.
  24. Neypalm Veyper is bisexual, Wizard is gay, and Glo-Stick is pansexual. These facts will hopefully be explored later, I don't want to just leave it at a JK Rowling confirmation.
  25. Death in the LECTROVerse takes many forms, including one based off of Jigen from Lupin III. This is because I saw an action figure of Jigen and thought he looked like a psychopomp.
  26. Santa Claus in the LECTROVerse is a ghost - a Christmas Spirit, if you will. Hardee-har-har.
  27. Unless stated otherwise, most Crossover Exchange pieces involving LECTRO are canon.
  28. Because of her hightened senses, Venus hates pineapples - she can feel the enzymes eating away at her mouth and it's all weird and stuff.
  29. Venus likes peaches and Toby likes brownies.
  30. While it's unlikely to be explored due to limitations of the author, Toby is an omniglot.
  31. Toby has a fear of needles, but would gladly get a shot to protect others.
  32. Venus still has Yoko and Molly as friends, I just can't think of a way to introduce them into the plot.
  33. Venus also had a third friend, a Two-Face-esque girl named Splitz, but her story was long and convoluted and eventually dropped.
  34. Along with trying to get the Outer City Warriors as a legally-recognized Superhero Team, Neypalm Veyper has been trying to arrange a game of Dungeons and Dragons with Venus, Audrey, and Toby.
  35. While he can aim his lightning perfectly, Toby is a horrible shot with a gun.
  36. Glo-Stick's blood is no longer recognizably human, Neypalm's blood is scalding and smokes when exposed to air, and Venus' white blood cells are too aggressive to safely be used in infusions. Toby can give blood but he doesn't like it.
  37. Venus didn't have a superhero name until the end of The Outer City Limits. (It's Verdant Vigilante, btw)
  38. Everyone knows Venus' identity, but it's rude amongst the Outer Outlaws to attack people in their personal lives. A more ruthless villain would gladly exploit the open secret.
  39. Despite the PowerPuff Girls influence, Outer City doesn't deal with giant monsters because the town is landlocked. Kaiju are more of a coastal problem. Also, I don't want to draw giant monster destruction.
  40. Venus once told Toby that Waluigi lurks in the shadows. Toby is still afraid of getting attacked by the man. (Admittably, I made this up on the spot to provide the illustration but now it's canon)
  41. Max grew up on a farm with his parents and brother. He's kinda estranged from them.
  42. Most characters in LECTRO have no problem eating food-grade bugs. This is especially true for Treefrog.
  43. While it's a bad idea to give Venus and Toby too much caffiene, it's bad for different reasons. Venus will lose control of her concussive gaze, and Toby's electricity powers a shut off in favor of super-speed.
  44. Neither Venus nor Max know who Venus' birth mother is.
  45. While most female characters have rounded fingers, Venus has square fingers. This is because she was drawn before I was comfortable enough drawing rounder fingers.
  46. Characters created for bands, such as Papa Emeritus and Gorillaz, are real in the LECTROVerse. Jack and Wizard have had VERY different encounters with both.
  47. While Glo-Stick is the oldest of the Outer City Warriors, Neypalm is the leader due to him having more free time.
  48. Tesla was supposed to appear in the 2020 Halloween image, dressed as Gomez Addams, but his drawing was misplaced.
  49. Jessie has a small dog named Rupert who wears UV-blocking dog goggles. She nicknamed him Frogdog.
  50. If it weren't for Irregular Webcomic!, I might not have gotten into webcomics. If not for Fledge Fighters and Lvl 30 Psychiatry, I might not have found Comicfury.
I'd like to thank you all for sticking around for this long!
Sincere apologies
by Jeremy7 26th Jun 2020, 12:35 PM
I have not colored the next comic, because I'm lazy. I'll get it up by Sunday.