After escaping from a place he wishes not to go into detail about, a child supersoldier only known as Lectro Unit No. 7084 runs into Venus Mercury, the daughter of mild-mannered reporter Max Mercury. Before long, she helps 7084 (Later known as Toby Lectro) become one of Outer City's greatest heroes.

REAL LIFE ORIGINS: LECTRO! is the culmination of many ideas, brought forth after about 5 years of planning (read: procrastination) and an attempt at doing all the writing and artwork by myself. As such, I'm rather proud of myself for finally getting the comic up on the internet. It'll update Mondays, Wendensdays, and Fridays. (Note: As I explore the story, I'll update this page to be more accurate and up-to-date. I just don't want to reveal too much about the comic yet.)